Hey guys!

Today i wanna tell you my story in crypto industry step by step.

Year ago i heard about crypto first time and as many of us don’t trust this theme.

But i started to learn more about this industry and bought some bitcoins at 2500$. Some time after that bitcoin raised and i take profit.

I was really lucky. because i didn't do anything. just used strategy to buy and hold and i took 4x profit (sold it when it was at 10 000), but then market grown x10 for 2017. and at the beginning of 2018 market collapsed and bitcoin price went to 6500!!

at this time i resigned from my job and had to do something because, i thought, bitcoin price will go to 15-20К maximum in 2018. and i started to learn how can i earn money on this market with other ways.

you have to be a good trader to earn huge money and i realized that. but i hadn’t enough money and time to start learn for trading. but i spent 1 week to learn strategies traders are using on real markets and one of them is arbitrage strategy. Arbitrage is a real way to generate revenue with low risk.

The idea is to use price difference for same crypto-coin on different exchanges. Buy coin with lower price on one exchange and sell it with higher price on another one.

i saw this difference on different exchanges but the problem is spread usually disappeared to the moment when i found it manually. and that was my first lesson on that way - you should use opportunity you found very quickly.

another problem which i faced with - how to find that price difference?

there are 100+ different exchanges at the moment and more than 1000+ coins and tokens. How to find spreads among this quantity? just imagine 100 exchange * 1000 tokens = 100 000 combinations which you need to check!?

and third problem how to get back assets on exchange where i started from? this is a real problem since if i made first step and sold coin on exchange 2 how can I get assets back on exchange 1?

finally i hired developers and we develop own service which solve all problems coinspread

First of all we are constantly analyzing 39 exchanges coin pairs having spreads on different exchanges and provide information about it in real-time.

Additionally, we provide info about 1000+ assets having spreads that you can use  in real time and apply for your arbitrage strategy.

And lastly, we provide info about "reverse" way. That feature shows how to bring asset back from exchange 2 to exchange 1 and close the "arbitrage circle". I found that really useful.

please check it and say what you think about it.

best regards